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When we opened in Luxembourg last week, the procedure was slightly different than usual. This time, we weren’t the main attraction.

The Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg were attending our performance and for the first time I was present for a royal procession. Granted we couldn’t see anything from behind the curtain but the orchestra playing the national anthem as they took their seats was thrilling enough. After their entrance, the mayor of Luxembourg (the whole country is also a city) gave a speech about the Grand Theater’s history. We were opening on it’s 50th anniversary. Nothing like New York racism to celebrate artistic history.

Her ten minute speech extended to be a full half hour and our start time was pushed way back. Intermission was also an extra ten minutes. After our final curtain call, the fanfare was played as the royal family exited. Talk about having the last word.

I can only assume they enjoyed it because we all still have our heads.

The whole experience is truly foreign and to me was probably one of the coolest bits of tradition this tour has allowed us to be a part of. We see royalty attend performances in movies or read about plays presented to the king and what not but I never thought I would get to do it myself. The Prince of Monaco attending was mind blowing enough and now all the bells and whistles of the Luxembourgouise are a nice reminder that history is alive in our traditions.

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